Simply deliver and collect the well-known Betterware brochure in your local area and take the orders they produce to the customers when they come in - it really is that simple!

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Vacancy Roles

Betterware is now able to offer different distributor roles - you are able to pick which suits your circumstances better.

Digital Distributor

A Digital Distributor is provided with their own online version of the Betterware catalogue - this automatically updates to the latest catalogue when it changes.
The digital catalogue can then be used to promote sales by sharing amongst your family and friends, advertising on your personal social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and also by targeting and sharing in local public groups on the same platforms. You can even set up your own group(s) and collect sales that way
One off set up fee of £10
Earn 25% commission on all personal sales
The opportunity to become a Team Leader - build you own team and earn commission from your team's sales
This role is suitable for anyone aged 18+

Catalogue Distributor

The catalogue distributor delivers catalogues in their local area door to door as well as giving them to friends and family etc
The catalogue distributor collects in the catalogues on the day they have indicated on the order forms posted with the catalogues
If the catalogue is not put out for collection a reminder in the form of a “sorry I missed you slip” is posted through the letter box
Once all the orders are collected in this produces your weekly order which Betterware process and send you the goods to deliver to the customers
Sign up fee £15 for the STANDARD DISTRIBUTOR PACK and £25 for the PREMIER DISTRIBUTOR PACK – both packs contain all you need!
Ability to become a team leader and build teams of your own
Earn 25% on everything you sell

Rewards & Benefits

Able to work from home and your local area.

Can work part time or full time.

Possibility to earn more from a team.

No waiting for monthly cheques, you earn weekly in cash.

Car not essential as you work locally so the job can be done on foot.

Flexible working hours - you can choose the days and times you work.

Possible management position for those that have a car and pc.

No hard sell by you. Customers choose what they want to buy.

Building Your Own Business

25% of all your sales

1st Generation

1st Generation

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Building your own business with Betterware is easy; but it does take some commitment, and a little bit of time and effort.

There are a few key points to take note of but you are free to make your business as big as you like, as long as it is manageable.

The Betterware brand means a lot. It’s a name that has been established and associated with door-to-door sales for over 90 years.

As a sales business, customers are drawn to excellent customer service. You must demonstrate that you are punctual, reliable and trustworthy. Sometimes there are hiccups yes, often not directly a distributor’s fault, but it’s a distributor’s job to communicate with the customer and ‘smooth things over’ in a timely manner. Small problems that are dealt with effectively early on, very rarely develop in to big problems.

Always look clean and smart, and most importantly be polite. Occasionally you may have a bad day or your customer may be having a bad day; neither is an excuse to be impolite. If you do happen to come across a rude householder - stay calm, walk away and make a note not to deliver there again.

About Us

We give anyone the opportunity to earn an income by distributing our catalogues and delivering the stock.

The amount of income earned depends on how much you would like to earn, the more you do the more you will earn.

On top of that there is the opportunity to build a team and a business of your own by recruiting people to join your team and then managing them to do the same.

You earn a percentage of everything your team sells so again, the harder you work recruiting and training your team the more they will sell and the more you will earn.


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